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Domain and Advertising Contact Guidelines:

  • Hundreds of Thousands of Inquiries: We have received hundreds of thousands of inquiries regarding our sites over the last 20 years, the vast majority of which go unread, let alone get answered. These inquiries include expressions of interests to purchase our names, to propose joint ventures, to sell us advertising, and to purchase advertising. A good portion are illegitimate and many are automatically generated by spammer scripts targeting all holders of key dictionary word based domain names. We have been unable to sort through the vast majority of these inquiries.
  • A Solution: WebMagic® is building a system to bring important proposals to our attention and to allow us to focus our energies on contacts that are likely legitimate, rather than getting buried with spam, bulk script generated requests, ‘how much do you want’ messages, fishing attempts, and other none-directed or dubious email. This system will likely require a modest submission fee to bring proposals to light– a fee which will denote a level of commitment on your part. Proposals may now be submitted through our Domain Proposal Submission Form.
  • Submission Fee: After successfully completing the Domain and Advertising Proposal Submission Form, you will be redirected to PayPal in order to process a required, non-refundable Proposal Submittal Fee ($20 if related to a .com purchase or joint venture offer, $10 otherwise). Payment on the PayPal site may be made via bank account or credit card. You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account to complete this transaction. Forms submitted without paying the Form Submission Fee will not be reviewed, and if you wish to pay at a later time, you will have to fill out the form again. Once you pay a Proposal Fee, future communications regarding that domain do not require the fee (and do not go through this form).
  • Alternative Method of Contact: If you want to try and obtain one of our properties, propose a partnership, or buy advertising, submit a specific, sufficient, and identifiable proposal. Inquiries can be directed by regular mail or delivery service (ie: USPS, Fedex, UPS) to the address found on our Contact page. Initial contacts made through email will likely be lost and will likely not receive a response.
  • Make Proposals Specific, Sufficient, and Identifiable: Offers deemed to be in good faith (specific, sufficient, and identifiable) are the most likely to receive a response. Be sure to identify a specific domain name if applicable. Include good-faith dollar amount or other specific proposal (such as lease terms, joint venture, etc.). If submitting an offer to purchase, a specific offer amount is required for your message to be reviewed. Domain inquiries without specific offers, those with unrealistic values, and those not clearly in good-faith will be ignored. We do attempt to respond to credible offers even if we are not interested. Inquiries from specific, identifiable, and reputable companies are much more likely to be responded to than those submitted from anonymous or unknown Hotmail or Gmail addresses or third parties.
  • Follow-up: If you submit a proposal using the Domain Proposal Submission Form and don’t receive a response within one week or for any reason do not feel your offer received sufficient review, please review your message to us, and feel free to resubmit via regular postal mail or email. Please do not call us. “Please call me back about your domain” voice mail messages are rarely returned.
  • Advertising: WebMagic® does not purchase unsolicited advertising. We do sell advertising on our sites, though the minimal purchase is typically $2,000 pre-paid over a three month or shorter period. Please that we do sell only advertising that we think matches our sites and user base well, and do not sell text-only links or other advertising engineered to simply optimize search engine results.
  • Generally Uninterested Sellers: WebMagic® is in the business of founding and building businesses. We have had companies ‘go public’, had more than one of our ventures featured in Superbowl ads, and have sold hard goods in approximately twenty countries. While we occasionally sell Internet properties, we have no interest in doing so in the normal course of business as we have long term operating businesses on them (with expansion plans) and for the most part we are unable to replace prime Internet real estate. The public infers an instant credibility from quality domains, and as such, key domains provide incredible leverage and a competitive advantage for the businesses running on them. Advertising and sales conversion rates are often higher, and they benefit from well documented online and offline marketing advantages. Inquiries for our .com assets from students, recent graduates, hobbyists, people looking to give birthday presents, and unfocused or unfunded entrepreneurs rarely go anywhere.

We encourage interested parties to read the following:

A Daunting Task:
    Since 1994, we have received well over 100,000 unsolicited inquiries from people and companies wishing to acquire our key properties, and thousands more from people wishing to propose partnerships, leases, or other arrangements. It’s a daunting task to read the numerous inquiries that arrive every day, and impossible for us to provide any response at all to the vast majority of them.
Fishing Emails Ignored:
    Fishing email such as ‘How much do you want?’, ‘Is it for sale?’, and ‘I would like to give the owner a proposal and want to confirm contact information and your interest level’ messages are automatically deleted at our offices.
Long Term Projects:
    Many of our key domains are either simply not for sale and would be extremely difficult for an admirer to acquire or even to propose a joint venture on (ie:, For others such as we may be interested in receiving valid, good faith proposals (especially proposals that would allow us to further grow a site). Being included on this page should -not- be considered an offer to sell, lease, or partner, but rather, simply, a showcase of some of our properties. If you believe you can provide us high quality content to enhance visitor engagement for any of these sites, please let us know.
We Are Buyers Of Top Sites, Businesses and Domains:
    We are always looking at new opportunities and are interested in hearing about key “A+” single word .com dictionary domains related to large industries with real market potential, high traffic web sites with over 100,000 unique monthly users (no arbitrage), and successful businesses for sale (profitable, >= $10k monthly revenue). We are interesting in the top 1% of the top 1%. We are not buyers of single or bulk “long tail” domains, nor misspellings.