Employment & Contract Work

WebMagic® is one of the Internet’s premier innovators

Current and contract opportunities with great compensation and meaningful projects exist in several e-commerce start-ups, the WebMagic Pro software division, and in corporate services. We are especially looking for:

  1. Senior management candidates
  2. Administrative staff, with strong writing and organizational skills
  3. Graphic and UX/UI designers proficient in HTML, CSS, and jQuery
  4. LAMP (PHP/MySQL) programmers
  5. iOS and Android developers
  6. Content Writers

Please do not apply in person. If you are interested in joining the WebMagic team, either as an employee or a contractor, please send a resume and cover letter. If you are under vesting or other employment lockups, indicate date of availability. Whenever possible, please include samples or references of your work.

Please contact “WebMagic® Human Resources” at the mailing address found on the Contact WebMagic Page. Physical mail often stands out over email submissions which may not be differentiated from bulk spam.