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This form is intended for the expedited delivery of:
     (a) proposals to purchase or lease one of our Internet properties, or to propose a joint venture or provide content for same, and,
     (b) proposals to purchase advertising from us.

For other contact reasons, including customer support for any of our sites, please visit our general Contact page.

Please... If you have not already done so, review our Domain and Advertising Contact FAQ (Sales, Joint Venture, and Advertising) information page! Additionally, a list of some of the WebMagic Domains is also available.

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* I warrant that neither I, nor any organization I am working on behalf of, nor any other party I am aware of, can claim now or in the future, any legal or other inherent right to, or claim against, the registration of the domain listed above, its current owner or management, or against its previous or current use.
* I will keep any subsequent responses to my proposal and related communication from WebMagic® strictly confidential, and I will not use said communication for any other purpose.
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We strive to respond to all proposals submitted via this form within 2 weeks. If you do not receive a response within that time, check your spam email box, and then feel free to contact us using the regular contact form and specify that you submitted a proposal with this form.

If you are unable to agree to the certification, do not submit the form or email us. Instead, you may send us regular (paper) communication via the address on our Contact page. Be sure to include an explanation as to why you were unable to complete this form.