About WebMagic

WebMagic® is one of the Internet’s leading technology firms specializing in new venture creation and the construction of World Wide Web sites for start-ups, entrepreneurs and special interest groups. We also provide a wide range of consulting, networking and communications services for our clients. The WebMagic® hardware and software lines for Unix, Windows and Macintosh include the flagship WebMagic ® Pro Commerce Server and a variety of WebMagic® Wireless applications. If you’re interested in making the Internet work for you, let us show you the way!

WebMagic® has created numerous world-renowned companies and Web sites operating on the Internet’s best domains under the WebMagic® name, including Pets.com (spun off 1999), Toys.com (acquired by eToys in 1998), Cooking.com (spun off in 1998) and more. Our majority and minority investments in various companies span numerous industries, from technology, to film and entertainment, and to real estate. We have been featured by Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, CNET, and many other television and radio programs, magazines, newspapers, trade publications and Web sites.  Before the full rise of the Internet and explosive growth of smaller sites, we hosted 1/10th of 1% of all .com web sites globally.  Over the years, we have honed our skill sets, decades of knowledge and experience, and well-oiled teams to pursue excellence for both our clients and for our own projects.  If you have an exciting company, service, or project you are building, we may be able to help!

Today we primarily provide products and services to and for medium to larger sized entities, as well as for smaller entities we can acquire a controlling interest in and help drive growth.