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Companies created by or with WebMagic® offer a combination of diverse products and services, competitive prices, technological innovation and original editorial content at key World Wide Web domains

UPDATE: For competitive reasons, we no longer publicly announce all our major clients or sites or companies under development.

WebMagic® currently operates several dozen sites, including:

    Ace®, developed with portfoliio company The Data Refinery, filters through the millions of new and otherwise boring active eBay® auctions and highlights just those contain rare and unique antique and collectibles items. believes it is time to begin to hold expanding medical costs in check, and hospitals accountable. Data from almost 7 million actual patient visits was compared to hospitals’ retail prices to determine which hospitals in local communities are relative bargains, and which may be expensive (possibly very expensive).
    eFootage Stock Footage is a leading online stock film source focusing on historic, news, and industrial footage of the last hundred years, providing content for producers in the film, television, and general business industries.
    The International Arcade Museum (IAM) is home to the Killer List of Videogames (KLOV), the Internet’s leading on-line encylopedia of coin-operated video games, the Video and Arcade Preservation Society, and hundreds of thousands of pages of content. It is the world’s largest museum of the art, inventions, and history of the amusement and coin-operated machine industries.
    Kidscape is a small online site of online games. is the nation’s leading peer support network for Lymphoma patients, their family, and friends.