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About WebMagic

WebMagic® is one of the Internet’s leading technology firms specializing in new venture creation and the construction of World Wide Web sites for start-ups, entrepreneurs and special interest groups. We also provide a wide range of consulting, networking and communications services for our clients. The WebMagic® hardware and software lines for Unix, Windows and Macintosh include the flagship WebMagic ® Pro Commerce Server and a variety of WebMagic® Wireless applications. If you’re interested in making the Internet work for you, let us show you the way!

Effective May 1, 2014, we are primarily providing services for entities we and/or our affiliates hold a controlling interest in.


Venture Creation

WebMagic® has created numerous world-renowned companies and Web sites operating on the Internet’s best domains under the WebMagic® name, including (spun off 1999), (acquired by eToys in 1998), (spun off in 1998) and more. Our majority and minority investments in various companies span numerous industries. We have been featured by Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, CNET, and many other television and radio programs, magazines, newspapers, trade publications and Web sites.

Wireless Applications and Services

WebMagic® Wireless provides wireless network access as well as wireless hardware and software for our clients. We also provide wireless consulting services and application design. As a free example of our wireless offerings, Palm 7 users may download a wireless web-clipping application for The KLOV (the Killer List of VideoGames). It provides mobile access to the Internet’s largest coin-operated videogame database, covering arcade games from 1971 to the present. Relive the memories!

Intellectual Property Management

WebMagic® provides brokerage, intellectual property licensing,and brand management services for a variety of clients.

Marketing Services

WebMagic® develops and manages marketing, research, promotion, and Internet and print advertising campaigns in a variety of mediums for our clients and ourselves. Our ads have appeared more than 50 million times on Yahoo, Lycos, America Online and over a thousand smaller sites. To learn more about advertising on WebMagic’s network of over 500 sites, read our terms and conditions. Our off-Internet marketing and promotional efforts range from press releases and ads to participation in Adopt-a-Highway programs. We also have used our resources to assist nonprofit organizations such as the Lymphoma Research Foundation of America, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Los Angeles, the Starlight Foundation, and others.

Hardware and Software

WebMagic® offers a full range of solutions for use with local area, wide area/virtual private, and global computer networks. The WebMagic® software line includes the flagship WebMagic Pro® Commerce Server — a leading tool for electronic catalog creation, site maintenance, back-end customer and inventory management, and other day-to-day operations. The WebMagic Pro® suite also includes a graphics software package for the design of Web sites, graphics, animated images and charts. Our WebMagic Pro® Log Analyzer provides a complete solution for site statistics gathering and analysis. Custom programming also is available. The WebMagic® hardware line includes information and virtual private network servers, modems, routers, firewalls and other networking equipment. More information.


We have conducted online mail-order product and membership sales since 1994 under the WebMagic® name (since 1982 under a previous name). An established expert in both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce, we operate in numerous industries including toys, pets, sporting goods, electronics, computer software and hardware, books, gifts, household appliances, art, news and editorial content. Our products and services have been sold in all 50 states and nearly 100 countries around the world. We maintain our own warehousing, customer support, credit card processing, fraud prevention and related services. A known expert in the field, we continuously provide assistance to the press and business research organizations such as Forrester.


WebMagic’s Gift Shop features a variety of high-quality items for sale, each decorated with the company’s stylish and distinctive “hand” logo. Show your support for one of the Internet’s e-commerce pioneers by purchasing something for yourself — or as a gift!

Community Development Services

Through the use of automated membership systems, interactive shows and games, online movies, newsletters and other features, we assist companies in increasing brand loyalty by developing communities around their Internet presence.

Network Connectivity

WebMagic® has been providing e-mail, web hosting, domain name registration services, audio and video distribution and Internet access services since 1994. Customer options available include T1, ISDN, DSL/ADSL, Frame Relay, and ATM connectivity. We also provide interactive online services such as chat rooms, polls, bulletin boards and e-mail.

Design Services

WebMagic Studios®, our design division, has extensive experience in providing Web design services to corporate clients, nonprofit foundations and internal projects since 1994. Our sites have received billions of hits from visitors in over 120 countries.

Publishing and Editorial Content

The WebMagic Publishing® group provides original content as well as the custom services of writers, editors and artists to our clients. We can provide a wide range of printed materials, including articles, catalogs, books and manuals covering all aspects of computing, entertainment, news, local-area content, travel, finance, education and e-commerce.

Consulting and Education Services

WebMagic® provides consulting and educational training on a variety of topics, including online commerce, needs assessment, database services, network installation, entrepreneurship, business financing and marketing.

Trade Shows and Expositions

We have been conducting numerous online trade shows, expositions and forums since 1982, and since 1994 under the WebMagic® name. Our offerings cover all areas of the design, development, implementation, security, repair and use of computing systems. We also provide searchable databases of education and entertainment content encompassing product and service information, commentary, descriptions and demonstrations covering computing, toys and games, and other consumer goods.

Installation and Troubleshooting Services

WebMagic® provides a full range of installation, maintenance and repair services for a wide variety of information systems and computing networks. We work at the system, machine, board and component levels.