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WebMagic Hardware and Software

WebMagic’s line of hardware and software products are focused around assisting companies in thriving in the new econcomy. In addition to our primary software development services, we also develop specialized, custom hardware, as well as recommended products from leading manufacturers, all with support and other value-added services available. For our existing customers we also provide a full range of hardware installation, maintenance and repair services, at the system, machine, board and component levels. Please note that in order to provide the best level of service to our established clients, we currently have minimum contract-size requirements for new clients. These requirements are waived, however, for companies in which WebMagic invests.

Effective May 1, 2014, we are primarily providing services for entities we and/or our affiliates hold a controlling interest in.

Software -- WebMagic Suite

Our flagship software suite is simply called WebMagic. It consists of a variety of modules covering all aspects of Web site development.

WebMagic Pro™ Commerce Server

    Our flagship product is a leading-edge tool for electronic catalog creation, site maintenance, back-end customer and inventory management, and other day-to-day operations that has been used by numerous sites across the Internet. The target market for this offering is medium to large sites and e-commerce portals with tens of thousands of catalog items, millions visitors, and thousands of orders daily. Sites like and both launched on the WebMagic Pro Commerce Server. Lessons learned from the rapid scaling of these sites led to a focus on scalability and data management of sales, customers, and product inventory. Available as a turn-key system with customization, as a hosted service. Amazon cloud support is optional.

WebMagic™ — Content Publisher Module

    This application takes a collection of articles, archives them in a database and automatically generates Web pages out of them. It is very useful for medium to larger sized sites. An admininistration section allows the user to add or delete catagories and subcategories at will. It is particularly suited for sites that have data sets with combine free text with standardized fields, and as such are not well suited for WordPress, Joomla, or MediaWiki software.

WebMagic™ — Credit Card Billing Module

    This module receives a credit card number, expiration date, charge amount, and billing address. It evaluates a credit card’s expiration date, validity checksum and other security checks. If all appears OK, it then submits a charge request on the card to a merchant card processor. In real time, it returns either an approval code or error message to the program which called it. It supports American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

WebMagic™ — Graphic Index Page Maker

    Created originally in 1995 in Perl, later in Cold Fusion, and now PHP-based, this module is used to publish a collection of images on a Web site without having to manually create or update Web pages one at a time. It takes a directory full of .gif or .jpg images and creates thumbnail index pages from them. Sub-pages are automatically built based on the file extensions.

WebMagic™ — Membership Module

    The Membership Module of the WebMagic suite is used for all types of membership systems — free or subscription. It can interface with the WebMagic Pro Commerce Server and Message Forums. It can even automatically send billing requests to the Credit Card Billing Module for sites that support automatic monthly account renewals.

Software -- Additional Products

WebMagic DNS Assistant™

    WebMagic DNS Assistant is a web-based control system for administrators wishing to directly manage 20 to 100,000 separate DNS records. It supports domain grouping, aliases, tagging, notes, change tracking and more.

WebMagic DNS Sentry™

    WebMagic DNS Sentry assists Internet providers and other domain administrators in immediately identifying domain name theft caused by fraudulent modify or transfer requests submitted to registrars. It is a complete monitoring solution designed to scan regularly as scheduled.

WebMagic GEO™

    WebMagic GEO allows geographically sorted databases to be placed online and sorted by location. A user could conduct a search, for example, to find all Burger King restaurants within 10 miles of Boston, or all pet-friendly hotels within 15 minutes of ZIP code 91103. Support of Google API\\\’s is also supported

WebMagic PIM™

    WebMagic PIM has undergone continuous development since its creation in 1994. We offer WebMagic PIM as a solution for companies frustrated with the limited flexibility in Outlook or specialized contact managers. WebMagic PIM was built to be completely customizable and runs either as a PHP-based web application or on the popular Filemaker Pro database platform. It keeps track of all contact information, including multiple phone and fax numbers, URLs, e-mail addresses, last contact date, notes and much more. Individual records and fields can be restricted based on security levels. It even automatically notifies you weeks in advance of upcoming birthdays or other events.

Legacy Products - No Longer Offered

WebMagic Instamark™

    LEGACY PRODUCT: Instamark™ is an amazing offering that provides a first step in business branding by suggesting available domain names that could be further researched for trademark availability. Previously provided as a free service, currently available for existing customers only.

WebMagic Log Analyzer™

    LEGACY PRODUCT: This software product creates statistical reports from standard Web logs. This product is intended for customers looking for simple traffic reports broken down by day, week, month, top-level domain, and by country. It was primarily sold from 1994 through 1998.

Killer List of Videogames Palm Application™

    LEGACY PRODUCT: A PalmOS based interface providing access to the Internet’s largest coin-operated videogame database, covering games from 1971 throught he present.